The next steps describe the logical sequence of integration with the API from Via Varejo Marketplace. Some data may be useful before beginning the integrations, such as:

Standards used for the API Modeling

Security of the data sent

Sandbox Environment

API Explorer

Available SDKs

Product Load

API used for mass operations, discover all details of this API.

Submission of the product load
Allows to submit several products to the Marketplace, which can be sold by the linked portals. Learn about the structure that should be sent.

Status of the load sent
The processing status of the load sent may be accessed at any time. See the status of the loading sent. For further information about one of the items of the load, see this link.

Approval of the load

Sandbox Environment
For Sandbox environments, the product load shall take up to 30 minutes to be made available. This is the time needed for the indexing of the data sent. Learn more about the Sandbox Environment

Production Environment
For the product loads sent to the production environment, the approval time is significantly longer. This happens because the products sent need to undergo a treatment process in order to match the standards used in the portals where they are going to be marketed. Learn more about the load validation process.

Speeding up the load approval

If you believe the approval time of the load is too long for the production environment, it is possible to speed up this process.

Products Classification
Although it is not a mandatory item in the product load, the information of the category may save a lot of time for the analyst trying to classify the products according to the sales portals. Learn more about the classification of your products and see the existing categories.

SKUs grouping
A product load may include the same product several times, with slight variations, such as color. When grouping SKUs, you prevent the analyst to make the same difficult process for each item of the load. See more about SKUs grouping.

Control of the sales items
Order control
Tickets Control
Events Control