See below the first steps to use the Marketplace APIs.

  • 1

    Account Creation

    To have access to the resources made available by the API, it is necessary to have a developer account within the Portal of Developers from Via Varejo.

  • 2

    APPs Creation

    All API calls are made via APPs configured by the developer in his account.

    The APP has two pieces of information used for the API calls: CLIENT_ID and ACCESS_TOKEN. They are unique identifiers created for each APP, identifying the source of the calls.

  • 3

    Discovering the Sandbox Environment

    Now that you have an APP and its respective access keys, it is possible to begin the integration with the API from Via Varejo.

    To streamline their tests, Via Varejo provides a Sandbox environment with the same operations available in the production environment.

    Learn more about the Sandbox Environment.