The integration API of Via Varejo allows integrators and merchants to market their products within Via Varejo Marketplace, by means of a lighter and easy to use interface. Through the API, it is possible to register products, manage stocks and prices and to be notified when placing and confirming orders.

If you are a merchant, access the link and learn more about our Marketplace, see articles and relevant info about the subject.

Restful Communication

Easy integration with the applications

All the resources made available by the API are based in Restful Webservices and the transmitted messages are in the JSON standard. Understand the details about the standards used
Security of the Data Sent
API Access Policy

Supporting Tools

The supporting tools allow the developer to easily check the structure that should be deployed, as well as developed codes allow the developer to focus only in the affected business rules.

API Explorer

Full documentation on every operation available for API. Check here the available operations.


SDKs are codes developed in specific languages that abstract the overall complexity of the integration with the APIs and provide a user-friendly data model. Check the list of available SDKs in this link.

Terms of Use

Are you interested in integrating your store into the largest Internet sales sites? Read our Terms of Use.