1) In the get orders method, what is the relation between the orderId and orderMasterId fields?
2) Why do I need to wait about 20 minutes for my products that were sent through load in Sandbox to be made available on resource/sellerItems (Merchant’s products)?
3) Can I mark an order as delivered without going through the dispatched step?
4) Do I always need to use two TOKENS (AUTH_TOKEN and APP_TOKEN) in my calls?
5) Does a merchant need to be registered as a developer?
6) How should I fill out the accessKeyNfe tracking field?
7) How do I update the form of a product?
8) Query of existing SKUs
9) Stock and price update
10) How does the products classification work?
11) Mandatory attributes
12) What are the rules to send a load in Via Varejo?
13) EAN is mandatory for which categories?
14) Products that cannot be sold on Marketplace