This resource allows the Marketplace to make calls directly to the merchant or integrator, notifying about specific events.

Available versions

Notification Events - Version 1.0

About the usage

The events notifications must be asynchronously processed by the merchant or integrator.

Marketplace resends the event if your application is unavailable. If there is no success after five tries, the event is no longer sent.

We recommend you to check, twice or three times a day, the services of which you expect to receive events. For example, by checking the list of new orders (GET /orders/status/new) twice a day, you can ensure that the new order will be integrated to the system, even if this event failed to send.

The events are just notifications. You need to get the information in the service that is related to the event you received. The resource is available in the uriResource field.


In order to use this resource, it’s necessary to open a ticket requesting the URL registration in the access_token of each store that will integrate with your app. Remember that this resource must have been tested and approved in your app.

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