Some information during the Marketplace’s sales flow may be checked directly with the merchant.

For that, the merchant is allowed to expose his own API, with specific operations that will be called in a certain time by the Marketplace.

Merchant’s API Setting

The registration of the URLs provided by the merchant or the platform must be requested by opening a ticket.


Who can implement this API?

Only merchants and integrators who can ensure that basic, non-functional requests like minimum latency and availability will be able to implement the API.

Those requests are assessed before allowing such integrations to start producing.

What are the available functionalities?

Below, we will list the resources that may be implemented in the Merchant’s API.

Notification Events
Stock Reservation

The implementation needs to meet specific non-functional requests, which must be fulfilled so that the API can start producing.

The resources are independently defined, in order to compose the Merchant’s API. This means that the merchant does not need to implement a resource that is not used.