Using HTTPS protocol with PHP

When integrating with targets that use HTTPS, many PHP developers face problems of validation of the certificate used by the target.

This issue is often simply ignored, by disabling the SSL verification on curl, and redefining the CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER directive to FALSE.

This is a mistake, because, even though the communication has no problems, the encryption is not carried out, leaving your data unprotected and vulnerable to third parties’ interception.

Security in the APIs’ call

In order to protect your partners’ information, Via Varejo provides an HTTPS channel with your Marketplace operation API. HTTPS is a transport protocol based on security certificates, issued by licensed companies, such as CertiSign and GlobalSign.

Why use SSL in the APIs calls?

SSL is a protocol of encrypted information exchange between the customer and the server, and it becomes mandatory when it is about sensitive information.
When you use a digital certificate, you ensure that all the exchanged data is visible only to the client and the server.
Regarding the information exchanged through APIs, they are mostly confidential, and must not be visible to third parties. Only the stakeholders must know about the content of the exchanged messages.

Speeding up the process of products load

After sending the products load through an API by using the /loads service, the process of analyzing information starts.
This process includes systematic and manual validations, which involve detailed analysis, deduplication, match and classification of the information that was sent.
Although this process is already very well established in Marketplace, there are a few ways to ensure that your products load is analyzed more quickly.

SKUs grouping

The SKUs grouping consists of specifying that two or more products of the same load are virtually the same, with only little differences, like color or watts number.
In order to group your load, you just need to inform the productSellerId parameter value, which is in the load structure.
The value given in this field may be a control code of the merchant. This value will not be stored by Marketplace, it is only to guide the analysis team.

Products Classification

The classification process consists of establishing the relation between the products’ category of the merchant to the Marketplace categories tree.

You just need to identify that, for example, the category Telephones > Cellphones of the merchant is equivalent to the category “Telephones & Cellphones > Smartphones”.